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Pete Souza

Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Birmingham / United States
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@susiwinby (susi winby) tweeted:

Pete Souza's "Shade" on @MSNBC is so good. I'm crying because of the stark contrast between Obama's Presidency and… https://t.co/N45AmBtqsu

@forestandshore (Elle) tweeted:

@PreetBharara @PeteSouza “The way I See It“ by Pete Souza is like a balm for my soul. It is a look at the most ama… https://t.co/AKfn9C4IGF

@Maximthorne (maximthorne) tweeted:

Thank you @MSNBC for SHADE, this absolutely beautiful story of and by White House photographer Pete Souza . When yo… https://t.co/VYYrgxH9Tu

@Dbryantgroup (D'Adran Bryant, MBA) tweeted:

HOW I SEE IT; Shade By Pete Souza Incredible documentary Incredible photos, and Incredible message. I'm MORE in… https://t.co/eu43aFCZce

@sabrinacayne (Sabrina Cayne ✊) tweeted:

Pete Souza doc about Obama on @MSNBC was INCREDIBLE!!!Just bought the book, Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents - from… https://t.co/7z4SHK40e9

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Thank you Pete Souza, undeniably a true American, the honesty is wonderful, The Shade is so very sadly true as well… https://t.co/Utc7QEiL76

@budolaBud (Cris Gonzalez) tweeted:

@MaddowBlog @dawnporterm We Just saw “The way I see it” It was excellent and so well-done. Thank you for making thi… https://t.co/wUU1AwtAm8

@yanqui1 (David Park) tweeted:

@brhodes Enjoyed all your thoughtful comments in tonight's documentary on Pete Souza.

@ThomaHall (Marta Thoma Hall) tweeted:

RT @JoeKamalaTicket: The way I see it, Pete Souza is a national treasure. Very emotional documentary indeed. #TheWayISeeIt #MSNBC #PeteSouz…

@vbbz (vbbz) tweeted:

RT @MSNBC: "Every emotion that Barack Obama went through as president, I was in the room for," Pete Souza says. See more tonight with the T…

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