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@Carlos__Senpai1 () tweeted:

@Carlos__Senpai1 () tweeted:

@Carlos__Senpai1 () tweeted:

@TomFitton (Tom Fitton) tweeted:

Burisma official reportedly linked to Joe Biden met with Obama State officials in 2016, memos show https://t.co/r6PuS0lFBs

@noclador (Thomas C. Theiner) tweeted:

I don't think #Armenia's strategy of widening the war is "smart"... they widen it a bit more and #Turkey's Air Forc… https://t.co/r2HcFek50J

@courageousgirl2 (Maggie LaPointe) tweeted:

John Bolton Warned Staff To Stay Away From Russia-Aligned Rudy Giuliani https://t.co/WQke7fIOwR

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Yaşattıklarınızı yaşamadan cihanda sulh olmayacak! #LanetOlsun #Fransa #Russia #USA @AnnLinde @valerieboyer13 #EU… https://t.co/e6EYkzddye

@melifix () tweeted:

@ajzeigler Girl! I was just about to say. These people needed no evidence to believe the bs about Trump Russia, but… https://t.co/8S97XNCR7Y

@michaelianblack (Michael Ian Black) tweeted:

100% agree! The media and Dems made Trump screw up the covid response, fracture our alliances, decimate healthcare… https://t.co/T4UZgOrbdj

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@PaulaReidCBS @BoKnowsNews Seriously, have you asked trump where those kidnapped kids are? Where his taxes are? Why… https://t.co/lge8lkY0Ia

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