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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Baltimore / United States
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@ShotacoN_15 () tweeted:

究極の二択やめろ https://t.co/yma9neve2C

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Yankees: “we’re the biggest chokers in playoff history” Rays: https://t.co/XGJckMD6xc

@mjoven1975 (Matt the Warrior/Rai) tweeted:

Rays fans are finding out the hard way that the Astros are cheating bastards

@br_betting (br_betting) tweeted:

Everyone with a Rays World Series future https://t.co/PKLFQAxopK

@VazquezMuniz (Héctor Vázquez Muñiz) tweeted:

Astros vs Rays Los dos equipos han ganado en racha, 3 corridos. ¿Quién se lleva el tiebreaker? En una serie así no… https://t.co/cWfaYDu0hg

@TBRaysTwins () tweeted:

Tampa Bay sports giving us all trips to the Cardiologists after these Playoff Games...First the #Lighting & now our… https://t.co/yEpCiW

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Cool Breeze, Golden Rays of Sun, Chirping of Birds, Panoramic view of Ganga ji & Peace of Mind...........what more… https://t.co/6n7mjUO

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Welcome your morning rays with a smile and feel your day rise with a shine

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