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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Baltimore / United States
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@Fangirl31 (⚖️) tweeted:

RT @HamiltonMusical: Join us in the #HamiltonTownHall now! https://t.co/HBHyBsSf8i

@bparkerhouse (Barbara Parker) tweeted:

RT @HamiltonMusical: Join us in the #HamiltonTownHall now! https://t.co/HBHyBsSf8i

@cj_wong (Christina Wong) tweeted:

RT @johnmorrisonmd: My kids got their #flushot before watching the #hamiltontownhall, because they’re not gonna throw away their...well, yo…

@bparkerhouse (Barbara Parker) tweeted:

RT @POTUSBiden46: I donated so I’m in the zoom where it happens the zoom where it happens. Are you. #hamiltontownhall https://t.co/Wrv…

@bparkerhouse (Barbara Parker) tweeted:

RT @mpdito1: 100,000+ watching this Hamilton Town Hall. The whole family is watching. #hamiltontownhall https://t.co/8gSujm5oGL

@chloecrockett (coco) tweeted:

RT @taradublinrocks: This is the first event I’ve seen like this with an ASL interpreter & that inclusion matters so much @ReneeGoldsber

@itsamandagrrl (☆ a m a n d a ☆) tweeted:

RT @HeatherBarmore: "Let's not just raise our glasses to freedom, but let's raise our voices too." - @Lin_Manuel #HamiltonTownHall https:…

@ethomas3915 (ET) tweeted:

RT @VickyVictoriaG: #VOTE #VoteEarly #Vote2020 #VoteBidenHarris @leslieodomjr @Lin_Manuel #hamiltontownhall Your vote counts! Let your voic…

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