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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
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@FanDuel (FanDuel) tweeted:

Corey Seager came to play

@Klein25 (Klein25) tweeted:

I hope they name a street in Los Angeles after Seager one day, better yet outside of Globe Life, they should name o… https://t.co/lXli5vxpwb

@DodgersNation (Dodgers Nation) tweeted:

Corey Seager says that he doesn't know where his power is coming from. Swinging at good pitches was his best guess.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Corey Seager, the dude Friedman needs to extend, duh https://t.co/oFGOKUqGsb

@DodgerBlue1958 (Dodger Blue) tweeted:

Corey Seager said #Dodgers rode momentum after Mookie Betts' catch.

@billplunkettocr (Bill Plunkett) tweeted:

#Dodgers Corey Seager on Will Smith HR: "That was a great AB. He battled his ass off." Smith was down 0-and-2, work… https://t.co/5bRePcTsri

@nadiarodd (nads) tweeted:

RT @Dodgers: COREY. SEAGER. https://t.co/6tGPUyiHoo

@sportseliteve (Sports Elite) tweeted:

RT @MagicJohnson: Will Smith’s 3-run homer was the key hit in the game and Corey Seager added two HRs in the @Dodgers 7-3 win over the Brav…

@_xoceci (Ceci ) tweeted:

RT @DodgerBlue1958: Corey Seager said #Dodgers rode momentum after Mookie Betts' catch.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @realFRG: John Smoltz: "Momentum temporarily on their side right now..." Seager: "Here's your fucking momentum, bitch!"

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