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Trend time: Sun Oct 11, 2020
Trend location: Atlanta / United States
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@jenmacramos (Jen Ramos, but spook) tweeted:

Hitting home runs? So Pache.

@Enrique_Rojas1 (Enrique Rojas/ESPN) tweeted:

Dominicano Cristian Pache le robó jonrón a Muncy

@JasonIsbell (Jason IsBOO) tweeted:

Pache just pulled off the coldest reveal of the year after he caught that ball

@GabeBurnsAJC (Gabe Burns) tweeted:

Cristian Pache has really, really impressed in this series.

@BravesnBud (BravesñBud) tweeted:

The lack of emotion in Joe Bucks voice when Pache made the catch is all you need to know about this broadcast.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Joe buck when Pache caught that https://t.co/OkxJSaqwHE

@LasMayores (LasMayores) tweeted:

Cristian Pache dijo que NO.

@MLBONFOX (FOX Sports: MLB) tweeted:

Max Muncy robbed at the CF wall by Cristian Pache! https://t.co/xgLYXKVJM3

@Sportsnet (Sportsnet) tweeted:


@BaseballGIFScom (Baseball GIFs) tweeted:

Cristian Pache robs Max Muncy of homer. https://t.co/RsCZGKOHuA

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