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Trend time: Sun Oct 11, 2020
Trend location: Atlanta / United States
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Copy and paste but change what the bunny is holding (\

@VinceSamperio (Vincent Samperio) tweeted:

Don’t let this end tonight, Dodgers.

@FrankBuckleyTV (Frank Buckley) tweeted:

Let's gooooooo #Dodgers!

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Me watching the Dodgers play like they're supposed to https://t.co/UmvCYpj34Z

@itsfedex (Serena) tweeted:

Back in this toxic relationship with the dodgers right now we are currently feeling way better

@LMBMemes1 (LMB memes) tweeted:

Guardamos por hoy los memes de la eliminacion de los Dodgers

@theScore (theScore) tweeted:

Twitter explodes watching Dodgers' Will Smith face Braves' Will Smith. https://t.co/PdzIWEWpor https://t.co/angDgWmwij

@angel_G96 (Angel Gonzalez) tweeted:

I just got off the phone with the streets, they said they need a Dodgers-Astros World Series rematch.

@theaceofspaeder (Ryan M. Spaeder) tweeted:

#Dodgers Corey Seager #postseason  career: 2015-19: 31 games .203/.275/.331 12 runs 8 extra-base hits 3 home runs… https://t.co/rYYTqDkkKv

@cliffbereuter (Cliff Bereuter) tweeted:

@GabeFloresTx @Dodgers @Braves How is the ballpark food? I want to know the important things

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