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Trend time: Sun Oct 11, 2020
Trend location: Atlanta / United States
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@PichayadaCNA (Pichayada P.) tweeted:

“Dictators’ servants!”: Protesters shout and boo as police try to read them details of tate of emergency declared e… https://t.co/JjclNWKO2P

@omeezy_ (O) tweeted:

a trans, non-binary person on the cover of vogue india— y’all, im gagging. https://t.co/GpMPELVUbQ

@tatemcrae (Tate McRae) tweeted:

hiiii guys the contest is now closed and all winners have been chosen!!! check ur emails!! let me know if you can m… https://t.co/J9vr4zgJXL

@DICKBYAIR (Levar Mcdonald) tweeted:

I was homeless for like 12 years and yesterday my girl and I signed the lease on our first apartment. This is my fi… https://t.co/2MGhk50eDj

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Tate McRae - You Broke Me First https://t.co/bRZx9RkmHN

@DICKBYAIR (Levar Mcdonald) tweeted:

If you can retweet this for me it would mean the world to me. I want to be able to open this place by spring/summer… https://t.co/VX5bAFzy9c

@PabloPlanovsky (Pablo Planovsky) tweeted:

Amo cuando las películas están tan bien pensadas y llenas de detalles: (spoilers) - Parasite: la piedra, que es sím… https://t.co/uLSds2JVYC

@ImaniSoIntimate ($lim.) tweeted:

Tate Reeves is literally killing Mississippians.

@christolphi (KIT) tweeted:

Y’all ever think about how she’s so hot everyone just hated her for no reason. https://t.co/UmnpmwuBwp

@Itszaybaybay (ZAY BAY SLAYS) tweeted:

Genie x Tate from American Horror Story https://t.co/jJfDIxPSr9

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