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Trend time: Sun Oct 11, 2020
Trend location: Atlanta / United States
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I’m Never Deleting Fb

@LubyDenverCAO (Ryan Luby) tweeted:

#Denver, look at this solution to outdoor dining during #COVID19 I saw tonight while visiting my folks in #CLE… https://t.co/OqLsOX8SB0

@Jamesh17 (James) tweeted:

We aren’t being helped by the baseball gods this game. That Pache double play was smoked yet the Betts chopper was… https://t.co/uEAfNw1ufG

@TheRealSeldin (Seldin) tweeted:

@LilShady182 We good! Fried going 7 strong tmrw and sending Betts’s 3 hits in the series home with him!

@GirouardLiz (Elizabeth Girouard) tweeted:

@thundercrat He's soooo cute! I just asked Santa tonight for a Betts jersey before the game.

@hai_betts (hai ) tweeted:

RT @Jayy_wealth: I’m Never Deleting Fb

@CozyyDanny (danny ) tweeted:

If she’s a Betts fan then I’ll marry her

@brian_bell318 (SwagMasterPastor) tweeted:

Maybe Joe and John will start talking about everything that happens after Pache’s catch like they can’t shut up abo… https://t.co/xeN6kgYhha

@jhare727 (Jordañ Harris) tweeted:

@3x5 Buck would have busted his pants if that was Bellinger or Betts

@debbrookes_dbcs (db consulting soluti) tweeted:

@Richard_Betts @PATAdventures @EWSbiz Looks mighty good to me! Glad you’re busy and doing well

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