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Game 7

Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Albuquerque / United States
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@fabo_17 (fabian) tweeted:

Game 7. Let’s do it.

@Astros_MN (Astros Magic Number⚾) tweeted:

A.L. Championship Series Houston and Tampa Bay tied 3-3 Game 7 - Saturday at 7:37pm

@J_McPherson1126 (Jordan McPherson) tweeted:

Saturday lineup: Noon: Clemson/GT, Pitt/UM, Auburn/South Carolina, Kentucky/Tennessee (not necessarily ordered by… https://t.co/SBwnO3MkeQ

@AdamJWexler (Adam Wexler) tweeted:

On to game 7, here's @TeamCJCorrea with really good detail on his convo with #Rays Yandy Diaz & with teammate Framb… https://t.co/2kSJty

@Chandler_Rome (Chandler Rome) tweeted:

The Astros are 27 outs from history - https://t.co/Ch8G9UrNpK https://t.co/4uRCiwga5O

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@Dodgers Great job. And kenley ? Who knew. Dodgers , let’s him. Get at max fried early. Force game 7 https://t.co/2GdMXUDhaI

@KrystalBee (Krystal Bianca) tweeted:


@AndrewFreed33 (Andrew Freed) tweeted:

Rays fans - yes it is tough going from up 3-0 to a 3-3 tie. What a roller coaster! But if we were told before the s… https://t.co/uPXcWBpDnx

@AtlProphet (ATLSportsProphet) tweeted:

Please Max don’t let this go to game 7

@LivinSports (Russ Gangler) tweeted:

Will Smith’s 3 run HR saves the Dodgers season. As predicted the Dodgers win game 5 easily 7-3. Look for the Dodger… https://t.co/vrY9mjW5nn

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