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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Auckland / New Zealand
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@TravelBugsWorld (Travel Bugs World ✈️) tweeted:

@perthtravelers @Abfabtravels @180books @jenny_travels @Adventuringgal @lizzie_hubbard2 @suziday123 @carpediemeire… https://t.co/Bymh2YwXEd

@Racing (Racing.com) tweeted:

Another key international has been scratched from racing. https://t.co/qYHoycivgO

@heidimur (Heidi Murphy) tweeted:

Immigration Minister Alan Tudge says Vic authorities do now have the incoming passenger cards for the 17 people who… https://t.co/2zv271Zg5S

@sydney__watson (Sydney Watson) tweeted:

My favourite thing about Melbourne right now is the Nazi-Germany-style checkpoints designed to harass citizens over… https://t.co/iofqE2DI30

@Qldaah (David Marler) tweeted:

Alan Tudge confirming the passenger cards for the 17 Kiwis that flew into Melbourne from Sydney were requested toda… https://t.co/RuA0hlftnT

@ernestorr (Ernesto Resnik) tweeted:

Melbourne, Australia: 8 semanas de sacrificios y bajaron de 750 casos diarios a 1 caso hoy. En el mismo período en… https://t.co/D53k4PqjQ2

@AaronDodd () tweeted:

[A Thread] The 17 Kiwis who came to Melbourne and disappeared are the direct consequence of the negligence/incompet… https://t.co/velKk3WSoc

@AaronDodd () tweeted:

They could have equally hired a car in Sydney and driven to Melbourne. There is no law against that. The Kiwis have… https://t.co/NTB3Ela2kx

@MurrayWatt (Senator Murray Watt) tweeted:

Scott Morrison has been lecturing Qlders about our borders for months, yet his own international border rules fail… https://t.co/QwK1Hvq5uA

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Walked through Melbourne NO mask, past 3 different groups of Police. No questions asked. Take off your muzzles & te… https://t.co/SvAXZB

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