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Charlie Hebdo

Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Strasbourg / France
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@sankrant (Sankrant Sanu सानु स) tweeted:

@thevirdas Two words. Charlie Hebdo. Go slink away.

@mdenaxa (Maria Denaxa) tweeted:

Κάθε αιώνας έχει το Μεσαίωνα του.Το έγραψα για τη δυστοπική εποχή την οποία διανύουμε.Θα το επαναλάβω υπο το σοκ τη… https://t.co/6e3u6JhQlX

@Kayahanuygur (Uygur Kayahan) tweeted:

Fransa'da İslamcı bir baba çocuğunun öğretmeninin başını keserek öldürdü. Öğretmen derste Charlie Hebdo konusunu an… https://t.co/a7Ro5H1I2O

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

J'annonce: si je lis quelque part que ce prof n'aurait pas dû montrer les caricatures de Charlie Hebdo, je bloque d… https://t.co/dI5L4It2gN

@jihadwatchRS (Robert Spencer روبرت) tweeted:

Father of Muslim who stabbed two outside Charlie Hebdo office is ‘proud’ of son, who is ‘hero across all Pakistan’ https://t.co/fLdXa1d2uL

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Meurtre de #Victorine ? Ok c’est triste mais pas assez vendeur. Meurtre d’un prof à #Conflans ? Attendez y’a du Ch… https://t.co/QGK39WFUtz

@franceinfo (franceinfo) tweeted:


@MrAndyNgo (Andy Ngô) tweeted:

Le Monde reports that the beheaded teacher showed images of Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoons in a class lesson on free expression.

@BFMTV (BFMTV) tweeted:

Enseignant décapité: "Sentiment d'horreur et de révolte" à Charlie Hebdo https://t.co/YQdEBDY3iq https://t.co/mjuccP8F8b

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

De stille voedingsbodem van terrorisme: "Earlier this month, some Muslim parents complained to the school about th… https://t.co/Cj22FVczGc

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