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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Guarulhos / Brazil
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@EspiKvlt () tweeted:

Yeah as a sex worker I can tell people to fuck off, something I could not do in the service industry no matter how… https://t.co/jEeevaub2E

@MSOfficeJP (MSOfficeJP) tweeted:

【 #PowerPoint :ページ数が多い資料も整理しやすく】 100 ページ近く枚数があるような資料は、目的のスライドを探すだけでも大変なもの。 そんなときに便利なのが、「セクション」機能です。 セクションで各スライドをグルー… https://t.co/5sYUQsgE11

@Azure (Microsoft Azure) tweeted:

Check out these tutorials, API references, and other documentation that show you how to use #Azure Cache for Redis… https://t.co/sm9xHNWnjZ

@PCMag (PCMag) tweeted:

No, you can't uninstall Edge. https://t.co/EVcHMJqjxs https://t.co/RUk1KfzO3j

@DanStapleton (Dan Stapleton) tweeted:

Yes, Microsoft would absolutely sell more copies of Starfield if it were to release it on PS5. But MS doesn't care… https://t.co/W8ShQQSIEO

@Eliseos08 (Gabriel Elias) tweeted:

@44_guilerme @yetz1 A isadora basille era apresentadora da xboxbr, ficou sofrendo assédios e ameaça da fanbase, e a… https://t.co/4v7gqqGpPX

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

*Microsoft excel has stopped responding* https://t.co/VLHyB9LpJe

@heitorassali (Heitor Assali) tweeted:

Então ela sofre assédio e a decisão da empresa é demitir ela?? WTF Microsoft??? https://t.co/YHF2aamzxE

@DmMyD88 (racka) tweeted:

@PatrickMoorhead @Microsoft @intel @IntelGraphics @surface This thing looks good. Sadly no backlit keyboard

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @PCMag: No, you can't uninstall Edge. https://t.co/EVcHMJqjxs https://t.co/RUk1KfzO3j

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