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Will Smith

Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Barquisimeto / Venezuela
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@jenniesrene () tweeted:

In #BLACKPINK’s upcoming episode of Knowing Bros the girls mentioned that Will Smith visited YG when they were trai… https://t.co/odvAHBCACG

@Sportsnet (Sportsnet) tweeted:

Will Smith wins the Will Smith vs. Will Smith battle.

@RealTwitish (Lotsofur 2.0) tweeted:

@gracebaiiley The fan that scrambled for, and got the homerun ball⚾️, according to reports... was named......... Will Smith..

@DianaRoughton (diana roughton) tweeted:

RT @MagicJohnson: Will Smith’s 3-run homer was the key hit in the game and Corey Seager added two HRs in the @Dodgers 7-3 win over the Brav…

@gamester1440 (The Wendigo) tweeted:

RT @BleacherReport: Will Smith at home rn https://t.co/nxQKrH3dFI

@temistansstuff (i stan everything, b) tweeted:

RT @shomaristone: I saw Will Smith trending and feared the worst. Turns out, it’s two baseball players named Will Smith. https://t.co/8JlI…

@Madeleinne_ (Made Magaña) tweeted:

RT @corte4: Will Smith viendo a Will Smith conectándole HR a Will Smith.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @SportsCenter:

@bduca_10 (Brandon Duca) tweeted:

someone named Will Smith from the @Dodgers hit a homerun off of someone else named Will Smith from the @Braves toni… https://t.co/NRzUnw3XUQ

@BRHE24 (Bryan Herrera) tweeted:

RT @ScottWarner18: THE WILL SMITH IN BLUE PREVAILS!!!! @Dodgers #NLCS https://t.co/h694L4l49F

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