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@kathygraf13 (Kathryn Graf) tweeted:

RT @blink141: Watching #TheWayISeeIt and crying. It’s a crime that Trump followed @BarackObama ... I just realized I’ve been grieving for…

@BobInBoulder (Glass-blowin' Cobra ) tweeted:

RT @YNB: #TheWayISeeIt shows the kindness of @BarackObama & it reveals the character a President needs to have. We need a kind, decent

@vw_ginna (Ginna) tweeted:

RT @ImDanaDeLorenzo: Takeaways from this most extraordinary documentary #TheWayISeeIt: What it means to be human, to be a leader, a parent,…

@Shehsays (Shez.) tweeted:

Needed a palate cleanser. #TheWayISeeIt. @PeteSouza did an amazing job.

@_adanicole (Ada Nicole) tweeted:

RT @eyeculookin: #TheWayISeeIt @PeteSouza44 I CANT EVEN TELL YOU HOW MANY TEARS IVE CRIED..... This is the way it should be. Dignity and J…

@Kraftedog48 (Kraftedog) tweeted:

RT @RepSwalwell: I’m not crying. You’re crying. #TheWayISeeIt @BarackObama

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @politicalpopar1: #Thankyou @PeteSouza for the documentary #TheWayISeeIt It was wonderful, warm, and insightful. I appreciate you. https…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @goldengateblond: watching @PeteSouza's #TheWayISeeIt and when they showed the day of Trump's inauguration my stomach dropped all over a…

@lrhoke (Lisa Hoke) tweeted:

RT @MSNBC: "Every emotion that Barack Obama went through as president, I was in the room for," Pete Souza says. See more tonight with the T…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @WayISeeItFilm: Catch an encore presentation of #TheWayISeeIt on @MSNBC tonight at 10pm PT / 1am ET. Repeat airings through the weekend…

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