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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Kenley closing tonight let's go!

@lakersedge (Steve-O) tweeted:

Kenley Jansen >< Danny Green

@EHernandezTV (Elisa Hernandez) tweeted:

Kenley Jansen. Let the praise be as loud as the disrespect. Game 6 tomorrow. #Postseason https://t.co/QJ1zYaAwtN

@TheBlazingKing_ (♛) tweeted:

“Bottom of the 9th inning, the fate of the universe on the line, the Martians have the death beam pointed at earth,… https://t.co/MsezhGAWhu

@ChadMoriyama (Chad Moriyama) tweeted:

Kenley staring down his own dugout. Let's go. https://t.co/Hznyc9ERWD

@jamblinman (Jeremy Dorn) tweeted:

With Victor Gonzalez and Dustin May allowing runs tonight, the only Dodgers pitchers to appear in the NLCS and not… https://t.co/YAJ1ygVE8k

@SlangsOnSports (Sarah Langs) tweeted:

Kenley Jansen struck out all 3 batters he faced tonight It’s the 1st time he’s faced multiple batters & struck th… https://t.co/TYCKwR

@ktsharp (Katie Sharp) tweeted:

Tonight was the first time Kenley Jansen struck out the side in a game this season. Last time he did it in a posts… https://t.co/QJN86a1uZv

@presidual (Positive Residual) tweeted:

Encouraging outing for Kenley Jansen, who had better command and movement than in recent outings. Here were his bes… https://t.co/TRxfyn0o5a

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Kenley Jansen came in with confidence and had a perfect inning. That's how you get the job done. Most of the gam… https://t.co/eub492axSx

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