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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Aguascalientes / Mexico
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@xrackox (R.A.D) tweeted:

Well... I’m either drinking to celebrate another day or drinking to numb the pain #Dodgers ⚾️

@jaimeacuna13 (Jaime) tweeted:

NLCS Game 5. Let's go #Dodgers!!! https://t.co/giAnbxoeav

@JodyWHL (Jody Wahl) tweeted:

Do NOT play with us #Dodgers Do. Not.

@Pantone294 (Pantone 294) tweeted:

#DodgersWin! Final: #Dodgers 7, #Braves 3 https://t.co/FBMeVHyMlW

@DBD_HALO (Dbd Halo) tweeted:

Boys not trynna go home

@abc7curt (Curt Sandoval) tweeted:

In the immortal words of the late great Jack Buck, “We will see you tomorrow night!” #dodgers #mlb… https://t.co/ZUP3k04DD3

@DodgersBeat (DodgersBeat) tweeted:

#Dodgers Win https://t.co/4V8EOMtz63

@GamingTodayNews (GamingToday) tweeted:

Seager gets over the wall....twice. #Dodgers keep series alive with #FortheA https://t.co/uDAzzoNkFU

@50trends_mx (50trends Mexico) tweeted:

[ Trending Topics MX

@billplunkettocr (Bill Plunkett) tweeted:

#Dodgers Will Smith was unimpressed with the epic Smith-on-Smith matchup: "It's a common enough name."

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