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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Belfast / United Kingdom
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@alcham49 (Alan Chambers MLA) tweeted:

DUP going into damage limitation mode after foolish remarks of Edwin Poots on Talkback today. Strange that it was o… https://t.co/xj0aGmvRXr

@DarranMarshall (Darran Marshall) tweeted:

Sinn Féin has described Edwin Poots’ comments as an “absolute disgrace & entirely misleading”

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Poots... Did I actually just hear him sectarianise covid? So its hitting more taigs than prods because .... well… https://t.co/OwbECvgaLo

@SJTHolland (Sorcha Ní Aoláin) tweeted:

Edwin Poots says coronavirus is taigy. https://t.co/XcTqjepN3X

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Poots’ one-time DUP colleague George Seawright once said of Catholics, “we should acquire an incinerator and burn t… https://t.co/CeyoQAWY9K

@fiachramcg (Fiachra McGuinness) tweeted:

Edwin Poots using language from the past. Luckily for us the majority of People want to work together and bring h… https://t.co/wkbooJaEDa

@TrademarkBF (TrademarkBelfast) tweeted:

We often think to ourselves as an anti-sectarian unit, what'll we do when the aul sectarianism dies away? But then… https://t.co/D6y48F2mlF

@ElaineCrory (Elaine Crory) tweeted:

I can't speak for anyone else, but even though I'm a lapsed Catholic who doesn't vote SF, the second Bobby Storey's… https://t.co/3iBleAbFQi

@MarkAgitprop (Markie Moloney) tweeted:

DUP's Edwin Poots on RTÉ News: "We cannot have mass restrictions being imposed without there being a scientific bas… https://t.co/LpE2T2dl2Z

@Richard_Ardvark (Richard Aardvark) tweeted:

This is bollocks and Poots is undermining a crucial public health message by telling unionists covid isn't a proble… https://t.co/TaOfytkTRl

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