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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
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“Those who think that they can cause a buzz in the strong and glorious party, their efforts will eventually go wast… https://t.co/6KR6lsdAos

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உயர்க்கல்வி மீது தனி அக்கறை செலுத்த தனித்துறை துவங்கியது கலைஞரே! #DMK #Kalaignar #MKStalin #SaturdayThoughts… https://t.co/J7iRj0MdrK

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Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu ने बताया कि शास्त्रो में नवरात्र की बड़ी महिमा है। इसके व्रत , उपवास से माताजी की प्रस… https://t.co/JPqbmyUEsP

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Never allow negative people to affect your mood becoz they got no job other than destroying your peace !! #SaturdayMorning

@satishs_kings () tweeted:

#SaturdayMorning #GoodDay #goodvibes

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Connection bhi na kamaal ki cheez hai bas ho gaya toh ho gaya Wi-Fi, bluetooth se bhi zyada strong hai apna connect… https://t.co/vHWprVIPpv

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How true is this

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@Rakulpreet ... Here Wishing #HappyNavratri To All Of You From #RakulPreet #Papa..

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@Bhrigzz (Bhrigu KP) tweeted:

6/n ~ #BirdsAroundDelhi A House Crow being chased by a Black Drongo. A common scene often witnessed between thes… https://t.co/4x5zDTVt0z

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