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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Belfast / United Kingdom
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@ExSecular (#AllLivesMatter) tweeted:

They shouldn’t have allowed that student in a free speech class in the first place.. #parisbeheading

@PrinceArihan (Savio Rodrigues ) tweeted:

#parisbeheading If you need to chop a head of another human to please your God, I think your God is not God but the… https://t.co/QF3zJJoSRN

@PrinceArihan (Savio Rodrigues ) tweeted:

I fully support @EmmanuelMacron on his new law against Islamic radicalism in France. It is time globally, Islamic r… https://t.co/78Uevg9qZa

@SethShruti (Shruti Seth) tweeted:

Why not let your god settle his own scores, I’m sure he’s perfectly capable of avenging an insult. Who made you in… https://t.co/En2ZG0c7oT

@its_N1RMAL (TheRationalGuy) tweeted:

This man @AbdulkaderMB calls himself "human rights crusader" (check his bio) and is justifying the #parisbeheading… https://t.co/K122FmTsl4

@ProNaMoSeva (ProNaMo) tweeted:

#parisbeheading Pic 1-How it started Pic 2- How it is going #ProphetMuhammad #Paris https://t.co/nMeSHu425F

@swati_gs (Swati Goel Sharma) tweeted:

The teacher who was beheaded had asked Muslim students that they could leave to the class as he was going to show a… https://t.co/WLsmc0HtOA

@KanganaTeam (Kangana Ranaut) tweeted:

I get really baffled a religion so intolerant to criticism and scrutiny absolutely male centric does not worship wo… https://t.co/JZxNsimlOf

@KanganaTeam (Kangana Ranaut) tweeted:

A teacher is beheaded for a caricature, we can only imagine what those invaders must have done to our people during… https://t.co/J0IbRhG70v

@gsurya (Suryanarayan Ganesh) tweeted:

This horrific #Parisbeheading of a teacher in #Paris by an Islamic terrorist for “blasphemy”, will have huge politi… https://t.co/VEaUmDVCFl

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