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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Swansea / United Kingdom
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@mountparkEU (Mountpark) tweeted:

We’re developing a 359,500 sq ft cross-docked distribution centre at Mountpark Bristol 360, which will be the large… https://t.co/lCMPVSBizo

@FestivalofIdeas (Festival of Ideas) tweeted:

Our panel 18 November - arising from the work of the new Bristol History Commission - debates public history, who i… https://t.co/IO0rM8DMic

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

So fun to meet @TeamTrump in Bristol, Pennsylvania! Y’all are on the front lines...making a big difference! THANK Y… https://t.co/dfU78ojpaz

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

To those who forget history, here is the draw down of struggles through generations in our country: 1) Aba Women Ri… https://t.co/N3I7AcFqbZ

@JoeTreacy (Joe Treacy) tweeted:

Happy birthday to my favourite Dame @AlisonMPeacock This is our very first picture together. It was in Bristol (I t… https://t.co/nSNcgqEdax

@VisualArtsSW (Visual Arts SW) tweeted:

#Bristol: Opening tomorrow at @_SpikeIsland: Itchin & Scratchin by Grenda-born, #truro based artist Denzil Forreste… https://t.co/wprYR1

@LittleChief69 (Lexi ⭐) tweeted:

Really enjoyed waving off @ExeterChiefs earlier as they left Sandy Park for Bristol for their 1st ever… https://t.co/gVxNLKNh4Y

@WriteHereUK (Write Here…) tweeted:

(Clifton) suspension of disbelief Here's our round-up of our five favourite novels set in #Bristol – featuring boo… https://t.co/UdXtWFTXPn

@brucemccorkinda (Bruce McCorkindale) tweeted:

31 days of #ArthouseMuppets! Day #16: Uncle Deadly and Crazy Harry in Harold P. Warren's MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE.… https://t.co/S3hthSrm8X

@DoglostUK (DogLost) tweeted:

#REUNITED Female Cocker Spaniel Bristol BS37 https://t.co/M2zWorUqSN #reuniteddog

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