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The EU

Trend time: Thu Oct 15, 2020
Trend location: Preston / United Kingdom
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@AlynSmith (Alyn Smith MP ) tweeted:

Stirling is home to one of the largest producers of farmed prawns in the UK. Stirling Uni is involved in world-lead… https://t.co/tKD5MlbAkS

@SebDance (Seb Dance ) tweeted:

During the middle of a pandemic your PM actually thinks it is a sensible thing to: (1) blame the EU for Brexit (2)… https://t.co/LTs89pghmC

@MoggMentum (#GetBrexitDone) tweeted:

Amid confirmation that trade negotiations with the EU are over, the pound has risen.

@rossauchenree (Alec Ross) tweeted:

Just watched that Johnson speech again. To listen to a mendacious and bone idle third rate after dinner speaker mas… https://t.co/SirNimi3Xh

@LeaveEUOfficial (Leave.EU) tweeted:

Lord Frost tells Michel Barnier not to bother coming over for trade talks on Monday unless the EU fundamentally cha… https://t.co/hPTxe8Yqu1

@grahambsi (Graham Simpson) tweeted:

@Jacob_Rees_Mogg It never was, the UK had more control, more sovereignty as a member of the EU. Alone we will disco… https://t.co/A6ibDgbXz4

@laughingginge () tweeted:

So everyone voted to leave the EU with no deal, a financial crisis, mass unemployment, highest ever debt, highest r… https://t.co/zaz9uX0AT2

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#Brexiters for the avoidance of confusion, when #LiarJohnson refers to an 'Australia style deal with the EU' what h… https://t.co/LX1fLoIs1s

@markjenkinsonmp (Mark Jenkinson MP) tweeted:

We didn’t vote to leave the EU for them to hold us by the balls henceforth. The right approach from @BorisJohnson https://t.co/TeZXmJTD63

@TerryReintke (Terry Reintke) tweeted:

Just to be clear: Nobody in the EU ever said it would be easy to reach a deal. Nobody in the EU ever said that we… https://t.co/yfv1y0rEkF

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