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Trend time: Thu Oct 15, 2020
Trend location: Plymouth / United Kingdom
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@RyanDyrudLAFB (Ryan Dyrud) tweeted:

@emerald1910 Hello Edmund!

@Edmund_mabi (HP 에드먼드 씨☕) tweeted:

(연로하신 아버지에 관심이 가고 마는데 https://t.co/Vojjnnx1rh

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@emerald1910 Hi Edmund. I can relate. I’ve been there before too and I’m sure I’ll be there again. You are not alon… https://t.co/Arwd9psDIv

@BraddCarltonn (Brad Carlton) tweeted:

@emerald1910 Hello Edmund mate! I see your tweet and thought I’d say hello! Things will get better I promise, hang… https://t.co/wd3UPTREt9

@sleetopher (Christopher Sleet) tweeted:

@emerald1910 Hello Edmund, you are not alone.

@JennyleeGLV (Jennifer G) tweeted:

@emerald1910 Hi Edmund. My teenage daughter is struggling now too. You are not alone. Our dog is the only thing tha… https://t.co/bzKSIbYlkf

@truthfirst7 (Liz Vallespir) tweeted:

@emerald1910 Hello Edmund, God be with you and with us all; there are such strains on folks right now...my family t… https://t.co/Ra3ENPt7mo

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Hi Edmund. Keep your head up. It can’t rain forever https://t.co/jpxgU6fvs9

@Carl_Thomas (Carl Thomas ) tweeted:

@emerald1910 Hi Edmund, sending best wishes from the UK. I've felt this way too. I'm here if you need to talk

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