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@ImADazeMan (Jamie) tweeted:

A short story. #SmackDown https://t.co/qYby6JILKc

@1D_Luver_013 (#THANKYOUROMAN❤️) tweeted:

RT @strcightfire: "my name is sasha banks and my name is bigger than your title" i knows that's right #SmackDown https://t.co/Drgv7zhWBH

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @WWE: Hi, Brie @BellaTwins!!

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @ImADazeMan: A short story. #SmackDown https://t.co/qYby6JILKc

@_theprimeone () tweeted:

Sasha Banks..... #SmackDown https://t.co/SPOnEP0l8E

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @WWENetwork: EXCLUSIVE: @TrueKofi, @WWEBigE & @AustinCreedWins share an emotional moment after #SmackDown farewell. #ThankYouNewDay

@JDfromNY206 (THE TRIBAL CHIEF OF ) tweeted:

PLEASE RT! If you missed the #SmackDown Post Show on #OffTheScript LIVE tonight, check the stream out here

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