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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Winnipeg / Canada
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@AmoneyResists (Andrew Wortman) tweeted:

15.) Treason/Russia 2 (Won't commit to not using hacked materials) 16.) Law Violation 8 (Congress 3) 17.) Lying 1… https://t.co/Eu3j4lR36F

@AmoneyResists (Andrew Wortman) tweeted:

20.) Mentally Unfit 1 (He’s insane) 21.) Perjury of Oath 3 (Disbanding vital security programs) 22.) Law Violatio… https://t.co/dfgikgzdgX

@lukeharding1968 (Luke Harding) tweeted:

Scoop: the UK government has evidence that #Russia's FSB spy agency was behind Alexei @navalny's poisoning, points… https://t.co/hSq9kFkcRm

@Schuldensuehner (Holger Zschaepitz) tweeted:

Top fund’s blacklist shows ESG coming for Emerging Markets. Candriam bond fund excludes EM heavyweights #Russia,… https://t.co/OaG8cLU1oL

@FarmingUK (FarmingUK) tweeted:

The poultry industry is being warned to prepare for the threat of highly pathogenic avian influenza following outbr… https://t.co/tJqsKLXpwq

@SyriaCivilDef (The White Helmets) tweeted:

War crimes committed by the regime and Russia by targeting medical and educational facilities as well as markets in… https://t.co/bChKQ7YMm1

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

35 civilians have been wounded and 5 civilians killed as a result of Armenia's missile attacks to Ganja. 2kids are… https://t.co/Fcen9PaEIr

@tdzwilewski (Tammy Dzwilewski) tweeted:

@StopTheCriminal I am sure he'll catch the first flight to Russia!

@TabithaStevens8 (Tabitha Stevens8) tweeted:

@joshtpm Putin is really playing with fire. If Biden wins, not only will sanctions remain, Russia might get kicked off SWIFT.

@HuffPostPol (HuffPost Politics) tweeted:

The KGB could be trouble in Russia, though, if you're no longer useful to the Kremlin, quips a Twitter critic. https://t.co/pNfzXBr10g

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