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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
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@BonksMullet (Bonk's Stützlet) tweeted:

Wow, so Thornton's decided to retire without a cup. https://t.co/Go9xrrKufC

@LeBronMaclean ((spooky halloween na) tweeted:

Joe Thornton is one year older than his new coach and seven years older than his new GM lmao

@KKurzNHL (Kevin Kurz) tweeted:

Echo this message from Pierre. Feel for Sharks fans, because it’s so obvious Joe is beloved here, and he always wil… https://t.co/ikJs6fFx08

@Gerv_Rebrand (Matty Go Sens) tweeted:

Auston Thornton https://t.co/RO1TVCtyc3

@PierreVLeBrun (Pierre LeBrun) tweeted:

Thornton's contract is rather simple, $700k and a NMC. That's it.

@EvolvingHockey (Evolving-Hockey) tweeted:

The aging curve is real, but Thornton (unlike Brad Stuart, Marco Sturm, and Wayne Primeau) is still probably worth… https://t.co/kQ3ScfLyeZ

@BrodieNBCS (Brodie Brazil) tweeted:

He was so dangerous with the puck, the Buffalo Sabres once tried triple coverage of Joe Thornton.

@KyleDemetrius (Kyle Demetrius) tweeted:

The thing about Joe Thornton not being on the sharks anymore, is that he was the last connection to a ton of fans d… https://t.co/nxGn5VRJ4N

@BarSouthNCelly (Bar South N Celly™) tweeted:

When Nazem Kadri literally RIPPED Joe Thornton’s beard off

@Zakman200 (Zak Kroft) tweeted:

Thank you Jumbo Joe Thornton!!! I want every @SanJoseSharks fan to send a goodbye messege to the legend Jumbo Joe T… https://t.co/sRozYKgWG1

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