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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Vancouver / Canada
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@MarkRuffalo (Mark Ruffalo) tweeted:

@kayleighmcenany The whole of the natural world is against you. Putin is for you and Steve Bannon is for you. Dicta… https://t.co/h1xU7Mwl6A

@ericswalwell (Eric Swalwell) tweeted:

We all know you’re not really a farmer, so maybe it’s time you stop shoveling manure for Putin. https://t.co/BydZLYJTMs

@spinozait (Spinoza) tweeted:

Putin: "Abbiamo un secondo vaccino". Servirà a quelli che hanno fatto il primo. [@maurofodaroni]

@PattyArquette (Patricia Arquette) tweeted:

@kayleighmcenany Putin is with you. Kim Jong is with you. While they rapidly develope long range nuclear missiles t… https://t.co/zCCrIxVadv

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@realDonaldTrump Fun Facts, three of Trump's campaign managers have been arrested. It's been 112 days since Trump w… https://t.co/l17TD92Fbv

@CoachKarl22 (George Karl) tweeted:

And it’s why his jersey should be in the Pepsi Center rafters soon https://t.co/feDx1kuYmL

@bryanbehar (Bryan Behar) tweeted:

“Savannah Guthrie is so mean” doesn’t give me a ton of faith that he stands up to Putin during their secret chats.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

O’Brien rejects Putin’s call to extend New START by 1 year; Pompeo blasts Turkey’s role in Karabakh as accounts of… https://t.co/VVZpRW53e9

@TeamPelosi (Nancy Pelosi) tweeted:

For all the poison that this President, his henchmen, and Vladimir Putin are injecting into this election, the best… https://t.co/6USGPVop5X

@zerohedge (zerohedge) tweeted:

Putin Wants "Clear Answer" From US On Nuclear Arms Treaty, Offers 1-Year Extension  https://t.co/PFw8DcZR7r

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