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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Leeds / United Kingdom
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@arasaucedo24 (Aʀᴀ ❥) tweeted:

~▪︎Horizons in motion. By: Phil Koch #GoodDay

@Fanghoul2 (FanGhoul) tweeted:

doracrybaby IG “so thankful to be part of of a @Vivo_Phil campaign with equally baliw content creators

@WalshFreedom (Joe Walsh) tweeted:

I’m not a Democrat, but I just read “Matt Gaetz’s time is up” and I dropped everything I was doing to contribute to… https://t.co/4H4dGMZCRg

@NoahShachtman (Noah Shachtman) tweeted:

Cops in Philadelphia caught on camera aiding and abetting the Proud Boys. @KELLYWEILL scoops... https://t.co/4fV5YPZ9Ie

@Xboxygen (˗ˏˋ Xboxygen ˊˎ˗ #Xb) tweeted:

Un nouveau Banjo-Kazooie ou Conker sur Xbox ? C'est à Rare de décider, dit Phil Spencer https://t.co/BIfQFgTmgO

@geeksrulz (Proud Victorian☕) tweeted:

Mr Phil Coorey, who says he is a journalist, was not aware that there is an active campaign being waged by the PM a… https://t.co/excyADAtTE

@clairlemon (Claire Lehmann) tweeted:

A high school teacher was decapitated for blasphemy in France—the most secular of nations—and the @nytimes frames i… https://t.co/Utw7Ik1wML

@MooseAllain (Moose Allain Ꙭ) tweeted:

I can never remember what a simile is. What am I like?!

@Rikki_Lyn (Rikki) tweeted:

What is happening here? Houston’s #2 appears to spit on BYU player near end of game. #BYUvsHOU #BYUFOOTBALL #BYU… https://t.co/jvqBHF0gjZ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I’m awake, don’t stop tweeting and retweeting #EndSARS

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