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@ThugLifeSocial (ThugLifeSocial) tweeted:

My EXCLUSIVE interview with writer @gregolear discussing his new book, "Dirty Rubles," about Donald Trump's Russia… https://t.co/tIyxhKaRyL

@AmoneyResists (Andrew Wortman) tweeted:

Trump’s Impeachable Offenses (simplified): 1.) Treason/Russia 1 (Helping Russia attack our election/Denying it hap… https://t.co/ea6dI98ub2

@AmoneyResists (Andrew Wortman) tweeted:

79.) Constitutional Violation 14 (Detaining legal citizens in concentration camps) 80.) Treason/Russia 11 (Mueller… https://t.co/uOheD6gVRT

@AmoneyResists (Andrew Wortman) tweeted:

87.) Treason/Russia 12 (Offered to help Putin with wildfires in Siberia while he denies federal aid to California)… https://t.co/aEOVRb7Yha

@AmoneyResists (Andrew Wortman) tweeted:

105-108.) Law Violations 34-37 (Pressuring Fed to cut rates again) 109.) Constitutional Violation 17 (Barring Omar… https://t.co/kmkgHFeajs

@AmoneyResists (Andrew Wortman) tweeted:

148.) Perjury of Oath 8 (Telling Kislyak that he wasn’t concerned with Russia interfering in the 2020 election) 14… https://t.co/U6QjpvpVya

@AmoneyResists (Andrew Wortman) tweeted:

154.) Law Violation 56 (Cutting NSC funding to preempt additional whistleblowers) 155.) Treason 21 (Sided with Rus… https://t.co/TRAuiuf3u3

@OzKaterji (Oz Katerji) tweeted:

Russia's Putin responsible for Syria war crimes, rights group says https://t.co/hqBtxdOBGb

@GunReformRyan (Ryan Chase) tweeted:

Team Trump consists of: The KKK, Taliban, Osama bin Laden’s family, Russia, Qanon, white supremacists, & Kanye. Te… https://t.co/mECjpN

@BaronVonL (Barry V) tweeted:

@CarmineSabia @BoKnowsNews @TheSteveHolzer @CBSNews Can someone explain to me how it can be Russian disinformation… https://t.co/bI6TvfnlM5

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