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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
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@artistjennyli (Jennifer Li) tweeted:

@emerald1910 Hi Edmund! This is Blackie and Bunny, who send their love to you.❤ https://t.co/43f79jOkBD

@gillian_s (gillian_s) tweeted:

@emerald1910 Hi Edmund! Best wishes from beautiful Orcas Island, WA! Hope tomorrow gives you new things to smile about

@RikTimms (Rik Timmermans ⭕) tweeted:

@emerald1910 Hi Edmund! Read a nice quote just before I stumbled upon your tweet, wanted tot share it with you: Thi… https://t.co/4HJWJGbpNl

@kirstieh (Kirstie H) tweeted:

@emerald1910 Hello Edmund! Hope you’ve been lifted by all the support! Can I also recommend some of the free resour… https://t.co/qS2bJ1tFVq

@wsz111 (Wendy Zuckerman) tweeted:


@rob_j_wade (Rob) tweeted:

@emerald1910 Hi Edmund. I read you liked Aviation and 747s. So here’s one I took a few weeks ago. https://t.co/MMjdGDNoNb

@basilinda_ (shinobia de konohaga) tweeted:

quero muito dar uma bicuda no edmund

@hollygtinsel (HollyGTinsel-NOTaBOT) tweeted:

RT @mychal3ts: @emerald1910 Hi Edmund! Sometimes this photo of a cow smiling helps get me by. So sorry to hear you’re feeling rock bottom.…

@stevejtrettel (Steve Trettel) tweeted:

@emerald1910 Hi Edmund. I’m so sorry for how things feel. I’ve struggled a lot with too these past months. I hope y… https://t.co/djyYAVV9M1

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@emerald1910 Hey Edmund!!! We ARE going to win this!!!! #BlueWave2020

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