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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Jaipur / India
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@0801Himani (Himani Gupta) tweeted:

How it's actually going for the rest of us who don't belong to this peaceful religion. Wake up world, before it get… https://t.co/SdnhqWioxt

@ghodssian (برانداز تبعیدی(بات آ) tweeted:

@BNONews Oh #islam...ooh religion of peace #parisbeheading https://t.co/bLy5x8xadz

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@swati_gs Despite the teacher behaving responsibly so as to not hurt Muslim students emotions, still he was brutall… https://t.co/YsGtC4Mdjw

@Sober_enuf (EnergyDemon) tweeted:

Teacher :- Ok class everyone will bring calculator tomorrow. #parisbeheading Le abdul:- https://t.co/MCxVJR2xWM

@dna (DNA) tweeted:

Paris: Teacher beheaded after showing Prophet caricatures; Prez Macron calls it 'Islamist terror attack'… https://t.co/HWNEFZua3x

@Neera_26 (Whimsy नीरा ) tweeted:

#parisbeheading.... the outrage brigade has disappeared into its hole ... till the time it can find an excuse to bl… https://t.co/N878KoTEsd

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Kidz who were worried about #blm , US elections, campaigning for Biden coz their fav singers support him are seen n… https://t.co/idxSPD6bhv

@desh_bhkt (Dolli) tweeted:

Sadly secular democratic societies act as fodder and breeding grounds for Islamic terrorism to sprawl it's fangs a… https://t.co/wjXgNDhba4

@Kishor__Salian (~ किशोर पुजारी ~ ) tweeted:

RT @ProNaMoSeva: #parisbeheading Pic 1-How it started Pic 2- How it is going #ProphetMuhammad #Paris https://t.co/nMeSHu425F

@mithun113 (Mithun) tweeted:

RT @KanganaTeam: I get really baffled a religion so intolerant to criticism and scrutiny absolutely male centric does not worship women, an…

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