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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Jaipur / India
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@cpimspeak (CPI (M)) tweeted:

A look back at the glorious contribution of Communists to India's Freedom Struggle. #CommunistPartyAt100 https://t.co/rKCn02OU5g

@ComradeMallu (ComradeFromKerala ) tweeted:

As early as in 1920, Comrade M. N. Roy, on behalf of the Party, in the background of raging communal riots in 1920,… https://t.co/468umT6Swn

@cpimspeak (CPI (M)) tweeted:

Communists fought caste system. 1st political party to demand abolition of caste system. #CommunistPartyAt100 https://t.co/HTPPWH2wYT

@KisanSabha (AIKS) tweeted:

#CommunistPartyAt100: First Communist Ministry in Kerala initiated land reform measures by which tenant cultivator… https://t.co/n9XHikUf3O

@cpimspeak (CPI (M)) tweeted:

The Communist Party made major contributions in bringing people’s real concerns and issues on to the national agend… https://t.co/osvfJ9dDOv

@subindennis (Subin Dennis) tweeted:

The communist movement in India is turning 100 years old today, 17 October 2020. Here are the minutes of the meetin… https://t.co/v8gLhwbdoY

@SFI_CEC (SFI) tweeted:

#CommunistPartyAt100 100 years of GLORY! ❤✊

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Communists leaders led fight against caste based hierarchies and led social reform movements..Vazhinadappu samaram… https://t.co/ATY22mRVLR

@Jaai1234 (Jaai V) tweeted:

The party is not an emotion, the party is not a state of mind. The party is a real organisation leading real moveme… https://t.co/TtzgsYJn4i

@CPIMKerala (CPI(M) Kerala) tweeted:

These 100 years, since formation of the communist party constitutes a glorious chapter in the history of Modern Ind… https://t.co/ucU5668HyE

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