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Communists provided a scientific analysis of currents developments and forwarding solutions needed to improve both… https://t.co/NqrbFKvr2l

@SudeepSudhakrn (Sudeep Sudhakaran) tweeted:

I think EMS is an Indian version of Lenin. He is one of the greatest theoretical of Marxism in the global south and… https://t.co/n0L2eVE7LT

@SathesKarki (sathes karki) tweeted:

இந்தியாவிலே முதன் முதலில் கையால் மலம் எடுப்பதை தடுத்து,விசவாயூ தாக்குண்டு மரணங்களுக்கு முற்றுப்புள்ளி வைக்கும் வித… https://t.co/ORqmcAHC3i

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#CommunistPartyAt100 https://t.co/vf0QSCfVHk


Throw back ! 17th October 2019 Thousand of people gathered inside the Netaji Indoor Stadium #Kolkata to mark the… https://t.co/oJ2S5Jzq6f

@cpimspeak (CPI (M)) tweeted:

At the time of the Hindu Code Reform Bill debate, communist women were in the forefront of the struggles for suppor… https://t.co/sRkMtOsyqL

@LeninMuruganCPM (☭லெனின் முருகன்☭ (Le) tweeted:

#CommunistPartyAt100 ஊழலுக்கு எதிராக பேச தகுதி உள்ளவர்கள் யார்? உழைக்கும் மக்கள் நலனுக்காக, நேர்மையாக மற்றும் ஊழல்… https://t.co/b5DWeyUED4

@subindennis (Subin Dennis) tweeted:

Communists have implemented the most far-reaching land reforms in India, in Kerala, Bengal & Tripura. Land reforms… https://t.co/tVtkMU4

@cpimspeak (CPI (M)) tweeted:

Telangana People’s Revolt that included 3000 villages & 3 million people, was launched by the Communist Party & the… https://t.co/gl

@pycpim (CPI(M) Puducherry) tweeted:

Party flag hoisted at #Puducherry to commemorate the celebration of 100 years of communist party in India.… https://t.co/Z32dfIKSR0

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