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@dubukiyowo We love you Jeongyeon

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ALL FOR TWICE #GetWellSoonJeongyeon #WeLoveYouJeongyeon #정연아어딨니_내목소리들리니 @JYPETWICE

@qawaiidesu (## hannah⨟ ᴱᴺ⁻⁷⁺⁹ ✜) tweeted:

RT @bangdungie: Jeongyeon i hope you rest well. no matter how long it takes, we will wait for you. Your health is the most important thing…

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RT @SubjectKpop: JYPE's statement on Jeongyeon's health status Jeongyeon will not be able to attend TWICE's activity regarding #EyesWideOp…

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my baby jeongyeon i hope you take all the rest you need, ONCE will always be sincerely supporting you both on stage… https://t.co/LcXAemTC5W

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