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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
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@LOB337 (ShootTheGlass) tweeted:

Live feed from the var room #EVELIV https://t.co/xfSJYw3d53

@LFC (Liverpool FC) tweeted:

NO GOAL. VAR has ruled the goal out for offside. [2-2] #EVELIV https://t.co/lbF5pNzwi8

@samuelluckhurst (Samuel Luckhurst) tweeted:

Pickford abysmal again. Whatever the offside criteria and however dramatic that was, disallowing the goal was ridiculous. #EVELIV

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Fuck right off drawing lines on the screen. That’s onside any day of the week. VAR should have been so simple - why… https://t.co/GuomNJlGiJ

@rach17___ (rach) tweeted:

When VAR gives offside when it’s blatant onside #EVELIV https://t.co/CmGF3HJXh9

@goal (Goal) tweeted:

Jordan Henderson thought he'd won the Merseyside derby in stoppage time... But it was ruled out for THIS offside

@BruceGrannec (Bruce Grannec) tweeted:

Gros Hors jeu c’est évident... #EVELIV

@premierleague (Premier League) tweeted:

A pulsating Merseyside derby finishes all square #EVELIV https://t.co/zFPJ6Eqbo3

@PrinceduParc (Prince ) tweeted:

But annulé. Ridicule. Ça, ce n'est pas mon football ! #EVELIV https://t.co/STjr6MqdRx

@LFC (Liverpool FC) tweeted:

It ends level in the derby. #EVELIV

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