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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Should also recognise how much that decision has dug Pickford out. He should be saving that

@PtitPoteau (Kev) tweeted:

RT @LatourBertrand: RI DI CULE ce but refusé à #Liverpool. Entre Pickford en 1ère et ce but en 2ème, la VAR nous offre une mascarade de plu…

@Bodfeatures (Peter Woods) tweeted:

RT @tweetSP0RT: @SkySportsPL Pickford should buy a lottery ticket on his way home #lucky #EVELIV

@KeyserShawze (Der Meister) tweeted:

Pickford should’ve been sent off 10 mins in and that was onside. Absolute fucking joke

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@MiguelAngelBris Y por esos milímetros también el penal de Pickford donde lesiona a VVD

@Brogaen (☆ Brogaen Maynard ♡) tweeted:

RT @ViktorFagerLFC: They are sure enough that's offside to disallow it. But Pickford wrecking Van Dijk was unclear?

@IzzatAriff (SYJ) tweeted:

Pickford red card. Mane’s onside. Incompetent referees all year round, even with var’s help. Fucking disgrace

@PocketTrumpeter (Jacob Standbridge) tweeted:

RT @FootballCliches: “if anything Pickford’s got too good a hand on it” I hereby declare The Louvre of Football Punditry....open

@TFC2910 (♣️) tweeted:

Man of the match is Pickford. Took out an opp, made some top saves and let that Henderson shot go in so we get some… https://t.co/4YegQxVbho

@900Emile (Émile) tweeted:

@JadSadaka Pickford should have been sent off regardless if VVD was offside or not, he almost cut him in half

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