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@DimBalotelli (Un Génie ) tweeted:

RT @LatourBertrand: RI DI CULE ce but refusé à #Liverpool. Entre Pickford en 1ère et ce but en 2ème, la VAR nous offre une mascarade de plu…

@Genzoynwa (Genzō Wakabayashi) tweeted:

@mohaland_ Donne le rouge à pickford pour commencer

@StefanCare (Stefan Care) tweeted:

Jammy cunts. Pickford had his ass saved twice by VAR. Honestly can’t understand how he’s even on the pitch.

@brorsolholm (Bror Solholm) tweeted:

@LFC sign me, and I’ll 2 foot Pickford next game

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Pickford should've been sent off and that was not offside

@PyrroleSindelo (AUBAMABLOODCLARTYANG) tweeted:

eVARton is used voodoo, Pickford stayed on and Mane was 'offside'

@Arnold_nzo (19) tweeted:

RT @SamueILFC: Pickford escaped a red card on injuring Van Dijk and Henderson 90+2nd goal wrongfully disallowed. Mood: https://t.co/VPUcy…

@ScottGreig21 (Scott Greig) tweeted:

@armitagetwittor How Pickford was still on the pitch is crazy

@SamMunnery (Sam Munnery) tweeted:

RT @Natpirks: How are we in a situation where VAR called that offside and yet didn’t check Pickford when he absolutely clattered VD? This i…

@MwansaB (JB) tweeted:

Pickford is problematic, he needs to just calm down

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