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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Pickford howler saved by VAR

@Nosaj91 (Jason) tweeted:

RT @LFCphoto: FT: Everton 2-2 Liverpool. Goals: Sadio Mane, @MoSalah. We need Virg & Ali back urgently. Everton a disgrace today. Tot

@_SamSmithh_ (sammy) tweeted:

But that Pickford guy dierr

@Wrightylfc9 (Sean-Wright*) tweeted:

Hahahaha Everton very very very lucky there Pickford shouldn’t of been on the pitch and that was a goal eVArton FC

@Axelmahzuz (Buttan) tweeted:

RT @SamueILFC: Pickford escaped a red card on injuring Van Dijk and Henderson 90+2nd goal wrongfully disallowed. Mood: https://t.co/VPUcy…

@JTW_1908 (Jack Wheelhouse) tweeted:

It may have been offside but Pickford

@indii7 (Indi Singh) tweeted:

RT @adamfw6: Pickford should be Englands number 4.

@AM11NN (AMIN) tweeted:

What a shamble! Never offside. Pickford should have been sent off. Useless refs

@SteafanDeery (Steafan Deery) tweeted:

Football is dead! VAR was brought in to make correct decisions and a full season later it still hasn’t sorted out o… https://t.co/HgpQu1rgka

@CHR1S_SM1TH (ℂ) tweeted:

Jordan Pickford is absolutely f**king awful.

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