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@ElLocoJalapeno (Halloween Jalapeno ) tweeted:

Game is gone. VAR was hopeless today. Pickford should have been off and that was onside. Thiago > Rodriguez. #LFC

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

After about 18 months of terrible luck, everything went Jordan Pickford's way today. Super performance and got away… https://t.co/8XG404pKbC

@James_McGrath_ (James McGrath) tweeted:

Surely officials have to come out and explain that VAR offside and that Pickford tackle fuck me fucking disgrace

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @lfcxari: virgil waiting outside for pickford https://t.co/9aGK9FisAO

@keatonbeck (Keaton Beck) tweeted:

How the fucks that offside and how’s Pickford not off

@athole52 (warwick monk) tweeted:

Liverpool Reserves denied the 3 points by eVARton but a good point for the Reds without Alisson and Van Dijk after… https://t.co/eJFNYMrQVE

@ShahR1712 (Shah) tweeted:

What dumbness? Pickford red card Van Dijk penalty and now that dumb VAR decision for Henderson

@Itsroyjohnson (Roy) tweeted:

Well that was fucking bullshit. How they saw that hendo goal as offside is a mystery and don't even get me started… https://t.co/kdMUCkQSGK

@layori_O (ManlikeLayori) tweeted:

Pickford is worse then Kepa

@JkBowyer (Jack) tweeted:

RT @WGTA_FPL: Jordan Pickford must have kompromat on the VAR Twice today he's gotten away with it

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