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@KeGoapele (Leano Ke Goapele) tweeted:

#EVELIV Pickford is

@Robbie1039 (R) tweeted:

@JoshStevo95 Especially when they don’t send Pickford off for trying to break VVD’s legs

@ahmdSyamil (Wak Mill™) tweeted:

RT @BenDinnery: WOW. Pickford is a lucky, lucky man... VAR to the rescue. #EFC #LFC https://t.co/7I8SCYc9kh

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @FPL_LiverGirl: That is an absolute fucking joke btw. Pickford should have been off the pitch, third goal never offside. Took a point…

@venicebeach73 (GEOFF POOLE) tweeted:

@TheCraigKaye The Pickford one was after the game stopped mate. Not in the rules

@caolanmccann96 (Caolan McCann) tweeted:

Jordan Pickford should do the lottery the night the wee cunt #EVELIV

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @chiddyafc: Pickford is worse than Kepa idc, this is practically match fixing at this stage

@laurenldugdale (Lauren Dugdale) tweeted:

And how Pickford is England’s number 1 AND didn’t get sent off is beyond me.

@ridhiman911 (RidiMamba) tweeted:

Jordan #Pickford is a fuckin Cartoon & a liability.

@mangeshn (Mangesh Nadkarni) tweeted:

RT @MoChatra: Shocking VAR call. This should have been ruled onside and Pickford then gets a red card whilst Liverpool get a penalty to mak…

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