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@elkin_isaza (ELKIN ISAZA) tweeted:

Gol del Everton , pase de James !

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

James’ contribution to the Everton team has been massive what a guy

@jpsorin6 (Juan Pablo Sorin) tweeted:

GOL del @Everton Perfecto centro de Digne ( mbuena temporada ) mejor aún el cabezazo de pique al suelo del goleador… https://t.co/aM0CX9DIPx

@RoryGreenfield (Rory Greenfield) tweeted:

I can’t believe how much they’ve wanted to give Everton a result here. Worst officiating I’ve seen in a while and g… https://t.co/F2v5egRoV2

@Ernestou (Ejnestu) tweeted:

Soy hincha de Everton pero a Liverpool creo que le chorearon un poquito cobrándole offside a ESTO!!! https://t.co/PUoFRR1SvD

@SC_ESPN (SportsCenter) tweeted:

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#PremierLeague FT: Everton 2-2 Liverpool ⚽ Keane 19' ⚽ Calvert-Lewindowski 81'

@lnstantFoot (Instant Foot ) tweeted:

#PL | #EVELIV C'est fini ! Everton et Liverpool se quittent sur un nul 2-2 dans un match où la VAR aura été au cen… https://t.co/COSv1L2Q6e

@SiratalMustaq1m (Shiratal Mustaqim) tweeted:

@_doncorleone_78 Hehehhe Ancelotti is an The Antithesis of Klopp, Guirdola, nor Mourinho, Brilliant coach choice f… https://t.co/ZUvytOeGW0

@paddypower (Paddy Power) tweeted:

FULL TIME: Everton 2 - 2 Liverpool Who knows anymore? Who f*cking knows?

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