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@AuditoreJr (Berke) tweeted:

Adrian maç sonu açıklama yapıyor https://t.co/pGxNv2UDL9

@AvivLevyShoshan (Aviv Levy Shoshan) tweeted:

Karius > Adrian

@hallmarkmovie (Hallmark Movies & My) tweeted:

#Sleuthers, we’re spending all Saturday solving crime with the one and only Adrian Monk. Tune in now for a full day… https://t.co/6ofnohFvxk

@Liverpoolcom_ (Liverpool.com) tweeted:

Every time Adrian is near the ball https://t.co/JqRhnxG8mx

@Duke_CBE (The Duke ) tweeted:

ADAGUN OSHA A THUG THAT ASSAULTED INNOCENT Alausa #EndSARS Protesters on Thursday still living large playing snooke… https://t.co/1kUf24NiXI

@wanmohdaizat_ (وان محمد عيزات) tweeted:

Choi Adrian

@ainanstagram (IG:ainanstagram) tweeted:

Adrian itu ngapa sih!

@lfcbaiIey (bᵃiley) tweeted:

So you’re telling me Calvert Lewin just barely passed the Adrian test

@fandistinson (prince ipan Quartara) tweeted:

@vitaastrila Adrian sampah

@LamanitaPK (Takbir) tweeted:

RT @AvivLevyShoshan: Karius > Adrian

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