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@therealdajjaI (Dajjal) tweeted:

Adrian tai

@AuditoreJr (Berke) tweeted:

RT @AuditoreJr: Adrian maç sonu açıklama yapıyor https://t.co/pGxNv2UDL9

@JTob135 (#QuestForTwenty #Que) tweeted:

Kemajuan lah seri dengan Adrian sebagai GK.. #YNWA #WeGoAgain

@01_Tamm (huh?) tweeted:

Adrian please ✨ LEAVE ✨

@quojoclaude (Claude ℄) tweeted:

Adrian erh hm

@mcarolina_07 (María Carolina.) tweeted:

Dizque Pickford se vistió de Adrián

@justinscouse (Justin Reed) tweeted:

Foul on Adrian, hands raised on him

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @Duke_CBE: ADAGUN OSHA A THUG THAT ASSAULTED INNOCENT Alausa #EndSARS Protesters on Thursday still living large playing snooker & pos

@lfcelisse (elisse) tweeted:

thank you adrian❤️

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Hahaha Sigurdsson doing a cheeky stuff on Adrian during ft whistle

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