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@DablioNeto (Valdemar com Dablio) tweeted:

O passe do Thiago pro Mané... É MUITO craque, tem jeito não

@ashika__m (idk who i stan anymo) tweeted:

Thiago is a baller omds man

@AmirBoulal (Ramirez) tweeted:

Incroyable la passe de Thiago sur le but

@kamwaka57 (Le Caméléon) tweeted:

Thiago is sick player man what a pass !!!!!

@Mouridoulahi_ (Erwin Smith ) tweeted:

Thiago alcantara

@ellenchaffin (Ellen Chaffin) tweeted:

@rmarins94 não? Thiago avisou que ia sair no dia 15, junto com a série

@cobnnt (2CO) tweeted:

Thiago c’est incroyable

@tayyabalishan1 (Tayyab) tweeted:

Thiago what a fucking pass

@tomasuch_ (Tomás) tweeted:

Y el pase de Thiago...

@skywalkrr29 (λύκος) tweeted:

La passe de Thiago.

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