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James Rodriguez

Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
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@Alpha_Lrz (Luffy) tweeted:

RT @lnstantFoot: James Rodríguez en Premier League :

@George_Toner (George Toner) tweeted:

James Rodriguez is an absolute baller but the way he rolls around and flashes the imaginary card, I’d love to see s… https://t.co/UXhXV0DbWU

@anxioustrousers (BLM | Jake ) tweeted:

James Rodriguez would get into any team in the Premier League.

@johnjpkennedy (John Kennedy) tweeted:

James Rodriguez is such an annoying twat. Always in the refs face looking for a card for the opposition and GOALLLLLLLLLL

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

James rodriguez é tudo mano

@GianniArman (gast) tweeted:

RT @InvictosSomos: James Rodríguez tiene más participaciones directas en goles (6) que partidos disputados (5) en la Premier League con Eve…

@juanmi_gm (González) tweeted:

Menudo vicio las aperturas a la banda de James Rodríguez.

@juanpablito_dlr () tweeted:

RT @ActuFoot_: En 4 matches et demi de Premier League, James Rodriguez est déjà impliqué dans 6 buts. ⚽️ 3 buts

@marioandrescc (Mario Camacho Correa) tweeted:

RT @engalibahr: James Rodríguez

@bellbellsimon21 (Mr.BlAcK) tweeted:

Thiago Alcantara et James Rodriguez

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