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@quez_mayes (#MN2️⃣6️⃣) tweeted:

RT @PFF_College: South Carolina CB Jaycee Horn vs Auburn

@drwilcox (David Wilcox) tweeted:

Good news for Auburn’s multiplexes but the damage has largely been done. Not just the loss of the last seven months… https://t.co/9pZJ69Rzxr

@CocksRecruits (Gamecock Recruits) tweeted:

RT @BarrettSallee: It’s time to move on from Bo Nix, Auburn.

@IzzyGould (Izzy Gould) tweeted:

RT @ClayTravis: Bo Nix vs Jarrett Guarantano is scheduled in five weeks and I think both Auburn and Tennessee should lie and say covid posi…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @mzenitz: Jaycee Horn is showing why he’s a potential early-round 2021 draft pick and why coaches consider him one of the top cornerback…

@cubaescobar () tweeted:

Sorry ass Auburn lost & and I didn’t win my $500 parlay

@joereed45 (joe) tweeted:

RT @ADavidHaleJoint: Since pulling out miracles vs. Georgia and Alabama in 2013, Auburn is 33-30 vs. Power 5 opponents.

@BMo_KH3 (Brandon Morgan) tweeted:

@GaijinKuma Yea Auburn doesn’t have an offense

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @BannerSociety: The last time South Carolina beat Auburn, Larry King was 13 days old (1933). https://t.co/hradtpMYBi

@BillWelt (Bill Welt) tweeted:

RT @SJRsports: Well worth the wait: Emma West leads Auburn girls cross country to Sangamo Conference title; Daniel Giacomini pushes William…

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