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@heatherxaf (H F) tweeted:

RT @HarrisPastides: Gamecock football beats Auburn for the first time since 1933. That was the year that the Great Depression ended. Now…

@tonyjarjour (antoine jarjour) tweeted:

RT @thesportsontap: South Carolina beats Auburn 30-22 Last time South Carolina beat Auburn was 1933: King Kong was in theatres Bing Crosb…

@joemoore10 (joe moore10) tweeted:

Saban’s coaching Bo Nix’s dad played at Auburn Saban’s coaching etc...

@Jared_Morton10 (Jared Morton) tweeted:

@jt_pingry @BarstoolClemson @WarDamnStool I feel like the top part and the fact the entire university was copied from Auburn speaks enough

@BevMitchell3 (Bev Mitchell) tweeted:

RT @GCgameday: Gamecocks come out in an I-formation. Auburn is so puzzled by the presence of a "Full-back" it calls timeout.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @ESPNCFB: 5-foot-10 and go get it! South Carolina takes the lead vs. No. 15 Auburn

@Twilly406 (Ted Williams) tweeted:

@Bookiemonster69 @TedbetterG I bet you took auburn ML

@KateRuscher (Kate) tweeted:

RT @BarstoolUofSC: The last time we beat Auburn was the end of prohibition... WE ON LIVER WATCH TONIGHT ‼️

@TheJonJuan (Jonathan Nettles) tweeted:

ESPN2 halftime report just said Auburn lost it’s second in a row. Lol.

@sammyt_66 (Samuel Sparks) tweeted:

I’ll admit it when I’m wrong, so I’m sorry about my earlier tweet…Auburn is terrible

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