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@notanewat (kasey) tweeted:

RT @brianjstultz: It's official: Auburn needs to fire Gus Malzahn despite buyout https://t.co/ruR7IGQQ2R

@youbunchofmarks (You Bunch Of Marks) tweeted:

@LonelyTalegater I think the reason Auburn always hangs tough with Saban is because like other good teams their def… https://t.co/EqZDyACQwg

@ZachHammontree (Tree) tweeted:

RT @ClayTravis: Bo Nix vs Jarrett Guarantano is scheduled in five weeks and I think both Auburn and Tennessee should lie and say covid posi…

@Tonytoetap8ball () tweeted:

RT @Clintau24: When the athletic department (and athletic departments across the country) come out and say they are 10s of millions of doll…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @BarstoolUofSC: The last time we beat Auburn was the end of prohibition... WE ON LIVER WATCH TONIGHT ‼️

@waccamatt (Waccamatt ) tweeted:

@WilGunter I’m not ready to say that since Auburn has been less than impressive. Ewe Tee is clearly not good.

@calhoun_joseph (Joseph Calhoun) tweeted:

RT @_Davis_Boy12: When I was at Auburn people would tell me they were still “proud” of me after a loss. Said I still inspired them even fro…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @BarrettSallee: It’s time to move on from Bo Nix, Auburn.

@Therealjoshm_ (jr0ck) tweeted:

RT @SportsCenter: IT'S AN UPSET IN COLUMBIA! South Carolina takes down No. 15 Auburn, its first win against the Tigers since 1933

@burnsbabe (Natalie Blackburn ︽✵) tweeted:

@Bathtub_FGC @edburmila Oh, he’s gonna win on the back of being a former Auburn College Football coach.

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