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@karr_garris (Skreet Garris) tweeted:

Today was the first time since 1933 that S. Carolina beat Auburn

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @brianjstultz: It's official: Auburn needs to fire Gus Malzahn despite buyout https://t.co/ruR7IGQQ2R

@TigerLandon (Landon Thomas) tweeted:

RT @ConorDavis13: Auburn losing to South Carolina may be worse than the Falcons being 0-5 right now...

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @thesportsontap: South Carolina beats Auburn 30-22 Last time South Carolina beat Auburn was 1933: King Kong was in theatres Bing Crosb…

@westindiansauce (lovie) tweeted:

Watch me dye my hair red/auburn before the end of the year

@coop_caitlin (Caitlin Cooper) tweeted:

RT @rtw_02: I’m starting to catch some of those 3-9 vibes that 2012 probably felt like in Auburn

@alltimealyxx (spooky gabs ) tweeted:

for once in my life, i want people to understand that i chose Aubirn bc i love AUBURN, not Auburn Football. there’s… https://t.co/zQ0BEEGT6r

@esiattorney () tweeted:

RT @SportsCenter: IT'S AN UPSET IN COLUMBIA! South Carolina takes down No. 15 Auburn, its first win against the Tigers since 1933

@highapathy (Aron Gomez) tweeted:

South Carolina hasn't beaten Auburn since 1933? Did I hear that right? Good grief what a win by Coach Boom!

@TaylorAshton17 (Taylor Ashton) tweeted:

Weird, Auburn gets smacked by South Carolina and Kentucky throttles Tennessee... when is everyone going to wake up… https://t.co/IMLpqrrL8P

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