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@aleebakari (Ali Bakari, PhD) tweeted:

He was a promising lad, he obtained his BSc. Hons Geology at ABU, Zaria and MSc. Petroleum Engineering at Newcastle… https://t.co/lWgO3v1mmd

@BeardedGenius (Nooruddean) tweeted:

I wonder whether people will make as much noise about Newcastle fans donating en masse to food banks rather than sp… https://t.co/WjoSExbQf4

@StatmanDave (Statman Dave) tweeted:

Juan Mata when starting this season: ⚽️ vs. Luton ⚽️

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:


@WahyuYordan (wahyu ilahi) tweeted:

WAN BISAKA!!! Newcastle 3-1 Man Utd https://t.co/ysXMsT79AQ

@MJJ93__ (Michael.) tweeted:

Sunderland and Rangers win, Newcastle lose, what a fucking fantastic day for football

@SuperSportBlitz (SuperSport Blitz) tweeted:

#PL - Result: Newcastle 1-4 Man United #SSFootball

@stevewallwork (Steve Wallwork) tweeted:

Well Steve. Take a bow. You’ve excelled tonight against “your team” Newcastle United isn’t your team. It hasn’t bee… https://t.co/cwaKHdV8ts

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Three goals in the final minutes gave United a resounding victory over Newcastle. https://t.co/v8QEuf0nn3

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Newcastle 1-4 Man Utd FT: Shots: 7-28 Shots on target: 4-14 Passing accuracy: 71%-86% Possession: 36%-64%

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